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Green Oak Academy – Girls' School

Islamic Girls School – Birmingham

School Fees

Green Oak Academy is an independent school with a particular focus of nurturing authentic Islamic values in our students based on the teachings of pious traditional scholars. It is operated under the guidance of trusted and well-regarded Scholars and Academics who have served the Muslim community for over 15 years and who have a track-record of offering high-quality services. 

The school DOES NOT receive any funding from the government and is not affiliated to any other organisation to meet any of its expenses. We are also a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to serve the community without compromising our traditional Islamic values.

Independent Schools in the UK are required to operate according to the Independent School Standards set out by the DFE (Department for Education) and we are regularly inspected by OFSTED (Office for standards in Education).

At the end of each academic year, the costs of operating the school for the upcoming year are calculated and a fee is set for parents accordingly.

For the Academic Year 2021-2022, Annual School fees will be £2,450 per student. This will mean 1 monthly payment of £250 and 10 payments of £220 collected via Direct Debit. 

From September 2021, a Sibling discount scheme will be operational. Parents with more than 1 child at the school will receive 25% off the annual fee for additional children enrolled at the school

If you are genuinely unable to afford the full fees, please do come and speak to us with an indication of what is affordable for you and we will insha’allah try and find a kind Muslim brother or sister to sponsor the remainder of the fees

Please note; we have stringent measures in place to avoid misuse of sponsorship arrangements as we are responsible for the correct spending of donations from members of the Muslim community. 

The academic fee detailed above does not cover the cost of extra curricular activities, trips, examinations, uniform, additional stationary or resources. 

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