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Green Oak Academy – Girls' School

Islamic Girls School – Birmingham

R Girls School Network

We are delighted to announce that we are setting up a worldwide network to promote the use of R - a leading data science programming language - in secondary schools for girls.

Visit the RGirls website for lessons in rmd file format and video tutorials on how to get started.

If you want to try out any of the lessons using RStudioCloud then email us at for instructions

Follow our progress on Twitter @R_Girls_School

Feedback on Second R Lesson using R Markdown

Below are our lesson plans developed by the R Girls Team.

No previous knowledge of R coding language is needed.

The contents of the word file needs to be copied into an R Markdown file before use. Alternatively visit RGirls website for rmd files.

This lesson assumes that you have installed RStudio or have access to RStudioCloud.

If you have any queries or feedback please get back to us

R Girls First Introductory R Lesson using R Markdown

R Girls Second Introductory R Lesson using R Markdown


Equation of a straight line graph Part 1

Equation of a straight line graph Part 2

Generating sequences Part 1

Generating sequences Part 2

Pythagoras' Theorem

Rates of Reaction Chemistry Practical - Observing colour change

Drawing Maps

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