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Green Oak Academy – Girls' School

Islamic Girls School – Birmingham

Vision and Ethos

At Green Oak Academy, we strive for academic advancement and nurture moral and spiritual excellence in line with the values of the Islamic faith.

Our aim is to develop ambitious individuals who contribute positively towards the betterment of society alongside personal advancement.

Our mission consists of two key areas:

Academic excellence

Every child is created by the Almighty with the potential to succeed according to their unique ability. It is our duty to create an environment for this success.

Spiritual excellence

We believe that every person within our school community must be treated akin to family. Our teachers hold the positions of Parents and fellow students are akin to siblings. We desire for each other what we desire for ourselves.

As with any bonded Muslim family; integrity, kindness, mutual respect, self-belief and determination are key to our spiritual success.

Our family endorses a strong community spirit, championing a caring attitude towards all. The joy and pain of one is shared by all.

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