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Green Oak Academy – Girls' School

Islamic Girls School – Birmingham

Vision and Ethos

At Green Oak Academy, we strive for academic advancement and nurture Islamic moral values in line with the teachings of our faith.

Our aim is to develop ambitious individuals who contribute positively towards the betterment of society alongside personal academic advancement.

There are two key areas of focus for Green Oak Academy – Girls’ School:

  • Academic Excellence

Every child is created by Allah Ta’ala with unique abilities and strengths. Excelling academically develops within children the potential to take full advantage of these strengths and abilities to excel as individuals and contribute towards the betterment of the world which we live in.

Students are encouraged and motivated to make strong academic progress and school management and staff will use a multitude of strategies to ensure all students will make this progress.

  • Spiritual and Moral Excellence

Alongside Academic progress, it is essential for every Muslim to develop ourselves with strong morals and values. Without a strong foundation of spiritual morals and values, a human being is vulnerable to unsavoury influences from difficult environments which can affect the very core of one’s Aqaa’id (beliefs).

The school management and staff will ensure that not only will students develop academically, but also progress in developing age appropriate strong moral and spiritual foundations.

Foundation teachings of Islam (such as Salah, Sawm, recitation of Qur’an etc.) and correct Islamic Aqaa’id (beliefs) are not only accommodated but are instead learned in the company of practising seniors, ingrained and made part of each students daily timetable at school and in the home environment with support from parents.

When a student joins Green Oak Academy, they join a family unit which takes on the responsibilities of an extended family. We treat each other as families are expected to do according to the teachings of Islam. Our staff hold the position of Parents and fellow students are akin to siblings. We desire for each other what we desire for ourselves.

As with any bonded family unit; good behaviour, integrity, kindness, mutual respect, self-belief and determination are key to how we interact with one another as students, parents, teachers and senior management.

Our family endorses a strong community spirit; championing a caring attitude towards all and making positive contributions to the society which we reside in and those less fortunate than ourselves. Students, parents and staff all regularly participate in charitable and welfare campaigns. The joy and pain of one is shared by all.

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